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Henry Hoover Parody Vinyl Fridge Cover Made in Britain This is a premium vinyl cover for your refrigerator or freezer that tr ... VINYL REVOLUTION In stock
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Numatic HVR20012 Henry Hoover Red 620W open in new window Domestic cylinder vacuum, autosave low energy system, 620w Twinflow motor, 9ltr capacity, cable rewind, Tritex filter
£105.92 View Product
Henry The Hoover Screen Cleaner Keep screens super-clean with a little help from Henry and his microfibre base! Henry epitomises, 'clean' and so he makes the perfect companion for your cleanin ...
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Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Henry (HVR200) 620 W This vacuum from Numatic has a delightful smiling appearance with a tough cleaning attitude. With a 42 litre per second air flow & 2000 mm suction Henry hoover ... NUMATIC
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Casdon Henry Vacuum Cleaner A replica of the much loved, multi-purpose vacuum, with real suction. Supplied with hose and 'T' shaped nozzle. All accessories pack away neatly inside. Simulat ... CASDON
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Casdon Huggable Henry Everyone's favourite hoover character is now huggable. Henry the hoover is now available as a soft cuddly toy which little ones will just adore. The character p ...
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Casdon Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner 80 Advantage card points. Kids can hoover just like mum and dad with the Casdon Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner! With real suction and a realistic design, theyll ha ... LITTLE HELPER
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Numatic Red Henry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 900076 The Henry Hoover is an iconic item, popular in many households for both the name, innovative design and high performance. The vacuum features high quality suct ...
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Numatic Red RucSac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner RSB.140 This backpack vacuum cleaner from the makers of Henry Hoover is an ideal choice for hoovering difficult areas or places without a power supply. The vacuum runs ...
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The Complete International Jew Henry Ford The Complete International Jew - Henry Ford Four Volumes in One This the complete collection of Henry Ford's weekly antisemitic "Dearborn Independent". Over 91 ...
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Numatic Com Henry Vac Clnr Nrv.20022 The Henry Hoover is an iconic item, popular in many households for both the name, innovative design and high performance. The vacuum features high quality sucti ... NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL
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