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Combi TVs

... With their flat panel designs that can be wall mounted or free standing, lcd or Liquid Crystal Display TVs DVD combis saves more space than CRT combis. Due to the range of available sizes, they can be ideal whether you want a ...

Combi TVs Buyers Guide

... watch your favourite DVDs. Easily convert your home into a cinema with a lcd TV combiā€”no extra equipment to hook up, no unsightly cords. An lcd TV DVD combi with Freeview brings you the best digital programmes. An LG 42 inch ...

"L" Buyers Guide

... the perfect solution. Popular TVs include a 22 inch LCD TV or a 19 inch lcd TV. You can even get a 19 lcd TV with 19 inch TV with Freeview. That way you can get your favourite programmes on even a smaller 19 inch TV. Speaking ...

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